I’m a hardened ball of wax

They come and light a match beneath me,

And watch me melt and scatter on the table

In the flickering light of the darkest room.

Try as they may, the wax will only harden over again

They can light a thousand matches

And burn them down till they scorch their fingers

But over and over, the wax will turn to solid.

Make me a candle, let me burn until my legacy is depleted.

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The world ablaze 1,000 times
I watch it burn before my eyes
Left alone to tend this seat
House of ashes at my feet
Hope abandoned 1,000 days
From when the world was set ablaze
Condemned to wait here in the ashes
For the “god” who lit the matches
Trumpets sounds 1,000 blows
Headache from the host of hosts
Why should I endure this pain
’cause God is coming back again?
Close my eyes 1,000 blinks
The light fades, reality shrinks
Death’s not such an awful thing
There is no god or angel wings
So surprised 1,000 stuns
Death’s a place to go have fun
Where enlightened souls go to peace
And god’s worshippers souls are teased.
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