Invisible Enemy

Like listless marionettes
The trees dance despite the rain
They bend and kiss the ground
The oppressing master swirls around
It battle rams into our barricades
The defense seems much too weak
It finds a crack and seeps in
I’m telling you, it is the end.
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You balance in the lightweight air

You hear the violins

Close your eyes

Everything’s strings.


You feel it pull your lightweight hand

And tangle in your hair

All stretched out

Everyone’s strings.


You hem it, come together

You hang it (out to dry)

Whispers shift the currents

Everyday’s strings.


You know it’s tied together

You walk always anyway.

Never saw it there

Everclear strings.

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This might be the last time

I have to try

I hope


It yields so much promise

Then in it’s prime

It goes


I test it several times

For one success

I probe


One false twitch, I know

Will place me in

Your mode

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Oh so amazing

Stuns my bare eyes

The plague we need

Endure it to survive


Coming down hard

And filling up quick

The fix for cleansing

Retreat for the sick


And what shall we do?

…fell through holes in the net

fall as it may

it’s not our concern.

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