There is a melancholy shroud

That clouds the empty sky;

Leaving us with nothing

But despair of sun or rain.


The shadows grow to nothing.

The light cannot char through.

Departing to the backdrop,

Color me very gray.


That pasty horizon settles

And preys the sunset’s show-

Showing nothing but a coveting tear,

Nor breaking loose it’s will.


The sun folds behind the mountains,

The dark lingers still.

It suffocates the galaxy

And now the warmth is gone.

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A hollow cavity

Wax disperses.

I tumble down

Inside myself.


In the cavern…


Within me.


Find only dark-

Devoid of end.

The wick is singed

Light descends

Eyes flicker

For a brief breath (lost).


Wander farther

-missing person-

grieve alone, please

I grieve alone.


Cease the day

Shaded perpetuity

The wax has melted

I cannot place it…


The candle has burnt out.

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The impossible

I’m hungry-but I can’t eat
I’m tired-but I can’t sleep
I’m sad-but I can’t cry
I’m depressed-but I can’t die.
I’m lonely-but I can’t hide
I’m not perfect-but it’s hard to lie
I’m durable-but it’ll never last
I’m happy-but the phase has passed.
I’m frail-but I can’t break
I’m praying-but my soul won’t take
I’m defective-but it’s not my fault
I’m rejected-but I’m not alone
I’m hollow- but the echo’s gone
I’m dulcet- but I can’t sing the song
I’m infected- but it can’t spread
I’m black- but I bleed red
I’m blunt- but the edge is sharp
I’ll use this spoon so you can eat my heart.
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Dawn’s Horizon

As I draw
 Each breath,
   I sink beneath
    Unbroken surfaces
      Unspoken bindings
        Bemused in departure
          Doused by hate
           Tempted to perish.
             Poniard compulsion
              Bound in truth
               Paralyzed by faith
                Clutching the discontent
                  Of a new day’s birth.
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Luster Gold

Those wild eyes shone,

They glared through the walls

Right through my heart

Into a pool of greed.


Such a beautiful gem

Ecstatically tempting.

Blinding all else

Purchase of pure bondage.


Enhancing my conversation,

Tearing my psyche.

Interrupting the growth

That makes being me, mine.


I captured the reflection,

Seeing the contradiction through the darkness

The shiny, little nuggets

Have made me poorer than the dead.

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My pulse is churning,

I’m your machine.

You gently seize me,

Manipulation frees me.


At the sense, I cringe

Entransic bliss,

You move your hands up

And fill me slowly.


In one breath, meshed,

With a mirrored hunger,

With one blow,

Clasp me in your box.

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