Tonight his plans won’t fail

I can feel my aching arteries

Throbbing with this grief of mine

For all I am, I am forlorn.

For all I might be I am alone…


In a state beyond being, beyond emotion’s lash

My mind clenches to just one feeling

And the dagger’s sharp point turns on me.


Tonight I feel my heart beat

And excruciatingly lay my head at rest

I can hear the wind chimes singing

As the air moves softly past.


This love of not alone tonight,

I feel I am an item.

He thrives his assault upon my fleshy figure

And I close my eyes and make believe

He wants my love…

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Parchment and Serum


Parchment and serum,

Cast them away

My skin is too tight,

My blood is too thick.


The paper thin parchment

Clings to my hope

The serum is seething

Please stop me from breathing.


Discontent in my ailment,

Secluded in scars,

Wither my ichor

Cast me away.


Believe my notion

I rip the rind

And juice the fruit

My mortality’s flesh.

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The Apple of my Eye

The apple of my eye;
A place of calm descent.
Kindred to the shrine
Fate’s kind kiss of hope.
Many fear its kindness.
Others deny it subsists.
Yet it’s promise cures my futility,
When my life sears to dust.
The apple of my eye;
Forbidden to eat this fruit
Matter of eternal life or death
But you cannot see its pledge.
I shun the serpent’s hisses
I know my duties well.
I choose to eat the apple
This time it’s reward is mine.
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He listens to the whispers

And murmurs in the dark

He tickles the unfortunate

With heaven’s pearly gate.


He sentences the selfish

And leaves them there to rot

He pages the unlucky

To wallow in his sun.


He breathes across the country

Or shakes his angry fist

Or pisses in the middles

To punish pious hypocrites.

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For every hideous face you scowl

And every brutal word you utter,

My outlook is so bitter,

I hide my face in sullen shame.

Learching on the hope of someone

Yearning for help to evade


Pondering all the difference promised

Arguing for the sake of life

Rendering the identity of faith

Eating away the little girl who smiled.

Now you’ve forced me to lie down

Teetering on a harsh word spoken

Sodden, complicated enough to drown.

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Every time you ask me to think

You’re digging my grave.

            -You’re so profound.


And every time you tower over me,

You’re turning me black.

            -You’re so incredible.


And what you say, and looks you give,

Are ripping me.

            -You’re so intuitive.


You reach right in with so much control.

You take what you want

            -You’re so intrusive.

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