He yearned, his carcass bellowed

And plunged to kill the feast.

So thin, (the width of paper)

He withered, seared to taper.


So dappled, purple limbs,

And gruesome, bloodshot eyes

Was all he was when he smiled

Died to walk the extra mile.


Every shuttered course he journeys

Every dim route he’ll choose,

Becomes an utter tinge of burning

Lost all hope of returning.


Lurking like the widowed spider

Shadows concealing all the fear.

He has crossed the thick divider

Into the darkness deep inside her.

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Weary Contradiction

I’m getting sick of intolerance,
And getting used to change
And growing weary of exhaustion
All these people make me feel estranged.
I’m seeking an endeavor
To learn nothing, I know.
I’ve got a taste for insipidity,
And sink to overflow.
I drag my heels to stand up tall,
And beg to offer to you.
I cry to show my tears of joy,
And lie just to be true.
In my ignorance I realized,
That the synonym contradicts
And stooped to a level of profound knowledge
So free to know to restrict.
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